Sourdough Brownies and Blondies

Monday, May 20, 2013

Now that you have helped us to celebrate our anniversary, we want to make something extra tasty to celebrate you!

So what could be more fun and tasty than chocolate. And what chocolate-y treat could be more fun to bake this month than brownies??

Sourdough Blondie Recipe (Sourdough Surprises)

Brownies and Blondies are quick, easy, and definitely versatile! And definitely delicious! And don't let the recipe(s) limit you! Add in your favorite mix-ins, swirl in extra flavor or create a new brownie or blondie all your own. As long as you're using your sourdough starter in your brownies (or blondies), the rest is completely up to you!

Sourdough Brownie Recipe (Sourdough Surprises)

Please check out all the other amazing and delicious brownies and blondies that were made this month! To save these recipes for future use, please hop on over to our Sourdough Brownies and Blondies Recipe Board on Pinterest! 


Joan said...

Great challenge! So many new and yummy recipes to try!

cooking with curls said...

That was a fun challenge! I never did get the link to work, but I did link back to this page:)

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