How To Play

We don't have strict rules here - no membership guidelines, no secrets... we just like to bake together, and to share our results with each other.

If you'd like to play along, you are welcome to. At any point in the month, come check out what we are trying to make with our sourdough starters this month. We will try to give a recipe as an example, but feel free to be creative, find or create your own, or otherwise interpret the theme. We also encourage you to check out our Monthly Inspiration Board on Pinterest. We change this every month to reflect and showcase awesome recipes that deal with the current theme.

Then on the 20th of the month, post your results on your blog and link up with us (in order for our linky tool to work you need to have a backlink to our blog. So somewhere in your post link back to us, or you can also grab our button! That's it! If you would like to have the linky took show up on your blog, too, just follow the link provided in the post and choose the HTML code that works best for your blog. Copy and paste it into your own blog, and viola!

Even if you don't have a blog, we would love for you to play along! Simply take a photo of your creation and email it to (along with your name) and we will post your photo on our reveal day!

The idea here is to really explore the world of sourdough and to see all of the different delicious possibilities there are out there. And to have fun doing it together!