Rediscover Real Artisan Sourdough Baking!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Today we have a really special gift for you!

By now many of you are probably familiar with Teresa from Northwest Sourdough. There have been several challenges where we have recommended her recipes, and there have been many times where we have directed several of you to her site in answer to questions and in looking for more information. We have even had her listed under our "More Resources" tab for quite a while now.

Teresa has a great site and is full of wonderful information, and we highly recommend that you take a moment and check out her site. Not only does she have an abundance of recipes, but she also posts "how to" videos on You-Tube, and has written 4 e-Books all about sourdough baking.  

Recently, Teresa has started a new online course called Rediscover Real Artisan Sourdough Baking. This course has over 58 lectures, 3 hours of content, and is perfect if want to learn to make the perfect rustic sourdough loaf! This course is also self-paced, so there is no need to feel rushed - you can take this course as it fits into your life. Additionally, once you enter into this course you will have all the materials ready for you permanently, as well as any future updates.

Teresa has offered to let Sourdough Surprises readers take this awesome course (normally $199) for an awesome price of just $25!!!

Many of you have expressed an interest in becoming more confident and proficient in your sourdough baking, and so we hope you will take advantage of this special opportunity that is being offered just for us!

Photo by Teresa Greenway at Northwest Sourdough
Please follow this link to sign up for the Rediscover Real Artisan Sourdough Baking Course:

We know you will love this course, and learn so much! And, we are totally taking it, too! But hurry, this is only good for the first 500 people that sign up!


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