Sourdough Granola Bars

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Is there anything we can't make with our sourdough starters?  Breads, sure. Cookies, cakes, pastries...

Well, this month, we went with the unexpected, and you guys didn't disappoint!

Sourdough Granola Bars (Sourdough Surprises)

Granola bars make a delicious breakfast or snack on the go, and can be modified to suit just about any taste preference or dietary restriction. And now? They can be made with sourdough!

Sourdough Granola Bars (Sourdough Surprises)

Did you use nuts or fruits? Chocolate? Did you go chewy or crunchy?

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And don't forget to check back in a couple of days to see what we have in store for you next month!


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