Sourdough Surprises - January

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Hi guys! Awesome job on the stollen, they looked delicious!

This month we hope you will be as excited as we are for steamed buns, also known as Bao! Steamed buns are made with a soft, fluffy dough that is wrapped around a filling (usually containing meat) and steamed. These are great appetizer, snack, dinner, whenever food - and they also freeze (unsteamed) well!

If you are looking for a recipe, I suggest checking out this site and this site, and of course, check out our monthly Pinterest Board where we have saved many recipes for you to look through! As always, you can fill and flavor these any way you want, but we do ask that you remember to include your sourdough starter in the dough! **(Note: these are not the same as dumplings or matzo balls, which we would like to save for another challenge).

To join us this month:
1. Choose a recipe and bake a festive, delicious stollen, utilizing your sourdough starter!
2. Take some photos and blog about it on December 20, 2014
3. Make sure that you include a back link to our blog somewhere in your post. Make sure it says "" 
4. Follow this link: get the InLinkz code and choose the HTML code that works best for you and your blog. Copy and paste it into the HTML section of your blog. You will know you have done it correctly if you see a blue link appear.
5. Make sure you enter your post into the linky tool on reveal day so everyone can see what you have made!

Don't forget that you can share your pictures on Facebook, twitter or Instagram with #sourdoughsurprises at any time during the month so we can all see!

Have a fun idea for us to do? Want your monthly creation displayed on our page? Want to join us even if you don't have a blog! Awesome! Just send us an email at! 


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