Sourdough Batter Fried Foods

Friday, June 20, 2014


After months and months of baking amazing goodies with our sourdough starters, we tossed something completely new and crazy at you. And boy did you guys deliver.

Sourdough Batter Fried Foods (Sourdough Surprises)

Who knew that our sourdough starters could be used to create sinfully delicious deep fried foods? And the results? Golden, crunchy perfection.

Sourdough Batter Fried Recipe (Sourdough Surprises)

Check out all of the deep fried sourdough deliciousness fried up this month!

And don't forget to stop by in a few days to see what we will be doing next!


Anonymous said...

Sinful!? I think we did a good job of keeping things pretty healthy, despite your deep-fried inspiration, thank you very much :P

Also... next month's challenge is going to have to be pretty amazing to beat this one!

sakrifais said...

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