Sourdough Kolaches

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sourdough Kolaches (Sourdough Surprises)

You know what we love? Well, aside from making delicious treats with our sourdough starters, that is! You guys. We have the best group of bakers baking with us. So when one of you has an idea for a challenge, we are super excited to do it!

Sourdough Kolaches (Sourdough Surprises)
Sandy made these delicious looking kolache with her 2 month old starter!

Robyn gave us the idea of sourdough kolaches this month and wow are we glad she did! What delicious pastries these are. And what fun it was to create and adapt our own recipes this month!

Sourdough Kolaches (Sourdough Surprises)

From sweet to savory, fruits to sausages, the possibilities were endless, and you guys sure delivered.

So link up and share your experience and your delicious sourdough kolaches recipe!

To save these recipes for future use, head over to our Sourdough Kolaches Recipe Board on Pinterest! 


Robyn Fuoco said...

Hi, I'm having a little problem linking up. I have a back link but keep getting a message that I don't have one. Thanks. Yummy kolache so far BTW!!

Mosquito Creek Farm said...

I am having trouble too, wondering what I an doing wrong!

Mosquito Creek Farm said...

I figured it out! When you add the link back remove the htp/// and enter www. then at the end add a .com! BTW ~ just like they said! ;)

Mosquito Creek Farm said...

This has been so fun to a part of! I wish I could think of something to suggest for a future post but I still am learning about my sourdough and it's possibilities . Truely inspiring venture!

Marisa said...

Bummed I did not make the time to make these last month. Excited that I can use everyone else's notes on successes and challenges when I do get around to them!!

South Wind Farm and Fiber Crafts said...

Some of your archive recipes do not
Muffins, pancakes. Could you check them, maybe it is me?

Sourdoug Surprises said...

Hi! We have the links back up and running! Thanks for letting us know! :)

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