Sourdough Surprises - June

Friday, May 22, 2015

Here in the US, its the beginning of summer, and berries and fruits are coming into season. What better way to celebrate by making a gallete or crostata, which are rustic and free-form tarts often filled with fruits (but also sometimes with veggies!) Now, we have made sourdough pies before, but I thought it has been long enough and we have enough new members that we should give it a shot. But instead of doing a traditional pie in a plate, I want us to focus on the more rustic and simple crostatas and galettes.

The pie crust we used before is a pate brisee, and turned out wonderful, with a flaky and tender dough with just a hint of sourdough flavor. If you would like to go that route, please check out this link. You can also check out this recipe but you will need to go get the book!  Like always, you are free to use any recipe you like, and any ingredients with which to flavor your crostatas. If you would like more inspiration, please check out our Monthly Inspiration Board on Pinterest!

To Join us for June:
1. Make some amazing rustic galettes and crostatas utilizing your sourdough starter!
2. Take some photos and blog about it on June 20, 2015
3. Make sure that you include a link back to our blog somewhere in your post. Make sure it says "" 
4. Make sure you come back here to enter your post into the linky tool on reveal day so everyone can see what you have made!

5. Post your pictures and/or blog posts to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram with the #sourdoughsurprises tag so everyone can see! 

** If you don't have a blog but would like to join us anyway, that's awesome! We would love that! Simply bake along with us, and send us an email containing a picture of your creation, your name, and a brief description of what you made and we will include it on the reveal day post! 

Can't wait to see what you have made!


Carli The Quilter said...

What an interesting idea! I have a blog, do love sour dough and would love to participate. But what is a galette?

Unknown said...

Hi Caroline! A galette is a rustic, free form pie. It is made without a pan, usually by just folding the edges of the crust over the filling (fresh fruits or veggies).

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