About Us

Hi! We are Shelley and Jenni, and we are the sourdough enthusiasts behind Sourdough Surprises. It all started when we decided to make sourdough pasta together.  Though we live several states and many miles apart, it was like having a dinner party... well... almost.

Jenni first started blogging at The Gingered Whisk in 2009. She got her first sourdough starter as "welcome to being a residency wife"right when she moved to West Virginia in 2011. Since her husband was gone all the time, she had a lot of time to devote to her sourdough explorations. Which is a good thing because she quickly became obsessed with it. Her family quickly became tired of finding out everything they ate contained sourdough. They also quickly realized that this obsession wasn't going away, as Jenni has devoted a lot of time to finding out as much as she can about it. Jenni has two daughters, two dogs, and lives in Des Moines, IA.

Shelley first started blogging at C Mom Cook in 2010. She started her sourdough adventure along with the Daring Bakers in December of 2011, starting her very own starter from scratch, and quickly became addicted.  She started by trying to incorporate as many flavors as possible into her sourdough breads, which led to seeing what else she could make with her starter. The constant question every time she bakes now is "is there sourdough in this?" Shelley has two budding bakers, a daughter and a son, and lives in the Philadelphia, PA area.

We became friends through the Daring Kitchen, and quickly began to talk back and forth on a regular basis.  Soon after that we also both found ourselves in possession of sourdough starters. We found ourselves constantly comparing notes about the care and feeding of our starters and tips and tricks we used. We would discuss what new sourdough recipes we were trying or planning to try. And we found that they really liked sharing ideas and hints, successes and sometimes even failures.

And after making sourdough pasta together, we wanted to do more. And to share the fun with others. Two quickly became four, and before you knew it, we were having tons of fun using our starters with friends all over the world! We love helping you to better understand and love your sourdough starters, and to know that it isn't as complicated as some people make it out to be! And we love helping you be creative and using your starters for more than just a loaf of bread!

Feel free to drop us a comment or two, or send us an email at sourdoughsurprises@gmail.com! We would love to hear from you!